New Beginnings

Welcome, dear friend, to this my first ever blog entry.  This is a whole new experience for me – one I am excited to learn more about as we communicate with each other.  Please be patient with me as I am pretty much the “village idiot” of technology, but I am trainable.  As I am learning how to navigate the world of blogging, I am going to begin by posting once a week.  Hopefully, after I am a little more proficient (and who knows how long that will take), I can do this once a day….we will wait on God for that one.  With a little help and a lot of prayer, I hope we can have a good time together.  Thanks for checking in.  I am so blessed to have you in my life – even it is only electronically.


There is a whole lot of “new” going on around here:  new year, new beginnings as a widow, new “normal,” new book, new web site, new blog, new hope, new future, new reality.  Whether you know it or not, you’ve been experiencing a lot of “new,” too.  By now you have probably tried on the new clothes you received for Christmas and are enjoying the latest addition to your wardrobe.  Hopefully you haven’t had to return anything you received and are able to experience the joy of having something new chosen for you by a loved one.  I pray that you are looking forward to this next year with excitement and anticipation for the new gifts of grace God has planned for you.


Some people are uncomfortable with new situations and changes in the norm, but I find something very exciting, refreshing and invigorating about “new.”  It’s like a key that unlocks an unknown future, an adventure waiting to happen.  It is also similar to a blank canvas waiting for the artist to create a beautiful painting.  So let’s use that “key” and take up that “paint brush” and embrace the “new” that God has before us.  Your new experience may not be what you had hoped it would be, but God has a way of redeeming all things and working them together for our good…..if we let Him.  My new status as widow is not something I hoped for, but I am finding so many opportunities to experience grace in a way I never have before.  I am growing closer to God so that in the midst of the grief and sadness, I am discovering love, hope, peace and even joy.  It’s my new reality, my new life….and it’s a good life because God is at the center of it all.


So I have some questions for you:  Do you like change and why?  What makes you uneasy about new things?  What are you looking forward to in the new year?


As you begin the new year, let God’s words from Revelation 21:5 resonate in your spirit, “I am making everything new!”  Don’t fear the unknown future keep you from experiencing the whole scope of God’s glorious plan for you.  Trust His providential love for you, embrace and celebrate that which is new now and look forward with expectation and anticipation to the final “new” when Jesus returns.  Have a blessed New Year!!